3 Reasons to Service your Boiler.

Your boiler is one the main components within your household. It provides you with heat in the winter months and hot water all year round. So why would you not take care of something you rely on so much? Every boiler should be serviced annually. There are many reasons for having a boiler service, but in the grand scheme of things it’s great to have some peace of mind knowing your boiler is running the best it can be by a certified professional. Here are 3 very important reasons to have your boiler serviced.

1. Boiler Efficiency

A boilers efficiency is the percentage of total energy it is using to heat a household. Todays modern high efficiency condensing boilers are a great example of how boilers should be running properly.

However, a boilers efficiency needs to be maintained at a high level by servicing it. By allowing a boiler to drop in its efficiency levels, this will result in an increase on energy bills which you might not even know about. 

2. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

For a boiler to operate correctly, it needs to have the correct levels of both oxygen and gas to have complete combustion. The correct products of combustion for a boiler are water vapour and carbon dioxide. Due to a poor installation, for example, not enough ventilation to feed an open flued boiler with oxygen, or not enough gas feeding the boiler, these levels that aren’t correct will cause incomplete boiler combustion. Incomplete combustion produces Carbon Monoxide (CO) which is a lethal substance for us humans which causes fatality. By servicing your boiler, the engineer will make the required checks to ensure that gas and oxygen levels are correct and safe to make sure boiler will not produce Carbon Monoxide (CO) 

3. Future Boiler Breakdowns

By having your boiler serviced, an engineer will make internal checks to working parts of the boiler to ensure that they are operating correctly and you are not needing a new part for example. An engineer can spot at an early stage of a part within your boiler that needs attention to be preserved for as long as possible. By not having your boiler serviced you are running the risk of parts within your boiler not lasting as long, meaning you as the boiler owner will have to spend a usually substantial amount to fix these problems. However by receiving an annual check on your boiler, this will decrease the chances of you having to do this so often.