3 ways to improve your water pressure

Sometime in households, water pressure from shower, sink and bath outlets can decrease all of a sudden. This is not an ideal thing to happen while in the shower, and even worse if you have guests who find this problem just as annoying as you. Discussed here will be 4 ways in which water pressure can be improved/investigated.

Clearing Clogs

Over time within pipework, clogging can occur due to dirt and mineral particles building up. There is a better chance of this happening if a filter is not fitted on the cold water feed to your household. In England, the majority of areas have “hard water”, which means a greater chance of limescale within pipework building up. If you are having the dreaded dripping shower or sink dilemma then to solve this, sections of pipework may need replaced or shower valves may need flushed for a better flow of water. Sometimes if pressure is poor at a shower this may mean that the shower head is blocked up instead of the pipework. The ideal method to clear a shower head would be to soak it in vinegar overnight which dissolves any unwanted debris and minerals causing a poor flow.

Outside mains water stop valve not fully open

Outside a property, usually on the pavement or driveway is a “Toby Valve” which is the water isolation point to your household which is down a narrow hole/pipe. Sometimes for no apparent reason this valve can close slightly causing weaker water pressure. To make sure this valve is fully open, it needs to be in a vertical position facing your house. You will require a “Toby Key” to adjust the positioning of the valve, so if this is something you do not have then your local plumber definitely will.

Contact your neighbours

By asking your neighbours if they are experiencing the same poor water pressure, this is problem solving to find the source of the problem. If your neighbours are not experiencing poor water pressure then the problem lies only within your household and its pipework. If your neighbours are, then this may well mean the problem lies with the water board themselves as even this type of supple pipework can get blocked up as well as yours.