What is a Powerflush and how can it benefit your heating system?

Are some of your radiators cold at the bottom? Do you feel as though your radiators aren’t producing the heat you want them to be? 

Throughout your heating system, the formation of rust occurs from the steel inside of your radiators. Rust is produced through the mixing of water and oxygen. When this rust forms, over time, it creates a jet black thick sludge called magnetite. This magnetite will circulate throughout your heating system causing damage to your boiler and settling within your radiators. This is why radiators can get cold at the bottom, the black sludge builds up at the bottom causing no heat (or nowhere near as much) to emit. 

The one solution for this dreaded sludge issue is a Powerflush. 

A Powerflush machine connects to your heating pipes which passes a special cleansing liquid slowly around your heating system which will dislodge this rust, sludge and magnetite. This process may take up to several hours. 

The engineer will also provide you with a filter (Magnaclean) for your heating system which will be installed onto one of your heating pipes, which will act as a magnet, collecting the magnetite that forms from now on, ensuring that your heating system stays clean. This filter can be cleaned regularly. 

A cleaner central heating system has many advantages. It enhances energy efficiency which means you are heating your home with much more ease, meaning lower gas bills and less strain on your boiler. 

Your boiler and radiators are extremely important to your household, especially in colder months. So by taking care of them will increase the lifespan of the system with less chance of boiler breakdowns which in turn, saves you money!