Worcester Bosch Boilers

Worcester Bosch Boilers are one of the most highly rated and best operating boilers on the market.

Here at Wilson Building Contracts our Engineers are professionally trained on how to fit these boilers.

They are very popular among homeowners, and they offer 3 different types of boilers to the public;

  1. Combi Boilers
  2. System Boilers
  3. Regular Boilers

Combi Boilers

A combi boiler is both a source of central heating and hot water. The fanatastic thing about a Worcester combi boiler is that they heat water directly from mains water, so there is no need for a hot water storage cylinder, or a cold water storage tank in the loft, meaning a loft conversion would be possible for a homeowner in the future.

System Boilers

A system boiler is designed to heat your home through central heating, but also to heat an unvented hot water storage cylinder, which will be the source of hot water. System boilers with a cylinder are a great option for a household with more than one bathroom and where hot water is going to be used often. This system is also agreeable with a solar hot water system which a homeowner could add on in the future.

Regular Boilers

A regular boiler is a useful option if you already have an open vented system in place. An open vented system is where you receive your cold water from a storage tank in the loft. With an open vented system there is also another tank in the loft which feeds your heating system and accommodates for its expansion. If you need to change your old regular boiler but want to keep the open vented system in place, then for obvious reasons, a new regular boiler will be the required changeover. The reason a regular boiler is needed is because your heating system and water service pipes have only ever been gravity fed, meaning only ever holding a small bar of pressure. Changing to a combi or system boiler would mean that your pipework may not be able to cope with the amount of water pressure that comes with these systems.

Worcester Bosch have recently introduced a new range of boilers to the market. This boiler is called the Greenstar Lifestyle, and you can get this in either a combi or system style. The purpose for creating the Greenstar Lifestyle is to introduce a new modern sleek design whilst being packed with new innovative features. You can choose to have a boiler in either black or white.

The Lifestyle ‘Combi’ is Worcesters most powerful and efficient boiler yet, as it can deliver up to 50KW of heat, meaning it can put up with providing hot water to 2 or more bathrooms, and heat a large household in general without a doubt, which is great for a combi boiler.

The lifestyle range has also been created to help you, the homeowner, to stay in control even when you’re not at home. The smart thermostat (Bosch Easy Control) with wireless connectivity means you can control your heating and hot water simply from your phone.

Worcester Bosch offer up to a 10 year guarantee with their boilers. They were also awarded the “Which? Best Buy 2019” for boilers.

If you would like a reliable boiler, then a reliable make or brand is essential, and Worcester Bosch certainly is that. If you would like a reliable installer, then a reliable company is essential, and Wilson Building Contracts certainly is that.

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